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Each airline will have a set group of individuals, normally all pilots, who will review candidates eligible for command. Historically the Command Review Board is comprised of the following:

  • Director of Flight Operations
  • Chief Pilot
  • Head of Training
  • Fleet Manager
  • Senior Type Rating Examiners

(However, this of course could vary in your airline)

The objective of the Command Review Board (CRB) is to select suitable candidates for a Command Assessment. The Board will use objective evidence to make a recommendation based upon Leadership potential, technical and non-technical competency and demonstrated standards of professional conduct, ensuring that you can demonstrate clear potential to meet the Captain’s role profile.

Suitable Candidates

The CRB uses objective evidence to review each candidate in sequence and record the findings. Your training records will be scrutinised, as will your suitability for the role. Technical competence alone will not suffice.

You must also be deemed to have the professional attributes to perform the task as Commander, be a good role model and be a senior representative – an Ambassador – for your airline.

You will be assessed on the following:

  • Do you have the Potential to fulfil the role profile for a commander?
  • Do you have recommendations made by training captains at recurrent training events for Command?
  • Do you have the required experience for the role (including Licence, Rating and Hours)?
  • Do you have the required Technical and non-technical performance standards?
  • Do you meet the required standards of professional behaviour and conduct?
  • Can you demonstrate the corporate behavioural expectations for a leadership role?

CRB Recommendations

The Command Review Board will place you in one of two assessment categories:

  • Suitable for Command Assessment.
  • Not Suitable for Command Assessment at this time.


Note: Some airlines have a strict policy on the number of times they are willing to assess candidates for command; normally only twice!

Therefore, ensure you prepare fully for your command from day one.

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