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If the Command Review Board deem you suitable for assessment, the assessment phase is ideally conducted as soon and before a course commences. It is intended to ensure mutual preparedness and likelihood of success, or highlights areas requiring further development.


You will be interviewed, usually by a senior manager and a senior trainer. It is common for a Human Resources Business Partner to additionally sit on the interview panel. Command competencies and leadership will be explored along with motivations and attitude to training.

Simulator assessment

A full flight simulator assessment will be conducted by a specialist team comprising at least one, ideally two, training captains. You will be expected to take control of any situation and demonstrate your potential as a commander.

This assessment is not looking for the finished article, but may identify aspects that require further development prior to further progression or before a course. This ensures you have the ability to achieve the standard required within the time constraints of the command course.

Post Command Assessment

After successful completion of a Command Assessment, you will be placed into a pool, usually for up to 2 years, ready for a command course vacancy – subject to your continuing to demonstrate command preparedness during that period.

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